Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slutwalk Awarness Campaigns: Sluts Don't Cause Rape, Rapist Do (Article & Video)

 From the article:

And make no mistake about it: we can be called sluts for nearly any reason at all. If we’re dancing. If we’re drinking. If we have ever in our lives enjoyed sex. If our clothes aren’t made of burlap. If we’re women of color...If we’re fat or disabled or otherwise considered undesirable... If we’re queer boys or trans women, we’re called sluts in order to punish us...If we’re poor... And god forbid we accuse someone of raping us – that’s the fast track to sluthood for sure, because it’s much easier to tell us what we did wrong to make someone to commit a felony violent crime against us than it is to deal with the actual felon.
 **Warning: Video contains strong language**

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