Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planned Parenthood NC Banned, Not Just Cut (Article)

From the article:

So, no, we’re not suing because our funding was reduced. We’re suing because we were BANNED from doing business with the state in a purely political move by the new legislative majority despite a gubernatorial veto.

They suggested women could just go to the local health department. Aside from my suspicion that few of these virtual commentators get their health care from a health department, they seem clueless as to the wait involved in such an endeavor.

In most cases, Planned Parenthood can see a woman who calls the same day or week. We’re also open on Saturdays and evenings—additional access not always available through health departments.

Proven access, in fact, is a major reason why Planned Parenthood won competitive state grants to deliver family planning services to women time and time again.

The issue isn’t Planned Parenthood vs. health departments. We’re partners in making sure that women with little or no health coverage receive quality health care. Simply put, most health departments are at capacity.

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