Sunday, June 17, 2012

20-foot URBAN FARMS : Compact, Versatile, Aquaponic Systems

Using standard ISO shipping containers and  twenty foot long greenhouse you could have a tiny urban farm capable of feeding several families. By integrating the greenhouse with aquaponics and anerobic digesters a closed loop system with relatively good energy efficiency is able to placed almost anywhere.

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  1. Why don't they install one of this in each community, so that there would be enough food supply in their area? It can also be helpful in reducing pollution in a certain place. Plus, it’s ISO certified, so there is guarantee that this container can last for a long time, and most importantly, it is safe to be installed in any place.

  2. Nice! Through the use of ISO shipping containers, small towns will be able to cultivate their own food. Isn’t it great? Because they have this, they have the power to produce and monitor their own food; thus ensuring that they’re getting food that are healthy and safe.

  3. Yes it is very cool!. Check out "The Plant" in Chicago to see how the idea of anaerobic digesters and fully closed-loop systems are working out in the real world!

  4. A good idea but very ugly.... it could be done much better...

  5. how do the aquaponics stay cool enough in the summer for the fish to live. Those containers are hot boxes.

    1. Proper ventilation, there's a lot of evaporation going on so removing the moisture is key. Evaporation removes heat only when the moisture laden air is replaced with dry outside air